How does it work?

Clear out some junk,

turn it into this stuff,

& cool the place down

Its simple -

You've got something lying around the house that you don't need anymore and you want to help heal our broken climate.


Then join us on Facebook and post your gear for sale there, on Marketplace and on your local FB buy and sell groups. In your selling posts please include this phrase:

"Selling for - will plant X number of trees".

We run a non-profit community forestry project down in Kenya and it costs us 20p (~25 cents) to plant one tree so, for example, if your item is selling for £5 you'll write "....will plant 25 trees".

View an example selling post here.

Once your item sells, come back to our home page, click the 'Plant us now' button to make your donation (thanks a lot!) and we'll get the trees in the ground. PayPal gives you the option to write us a note. In that note please tell us your name, email and what you've sold. If you do that, we'll keep you updated on the project and let you know, once the seedlings are planted and have started drawing down some carbon. We'll also send you the GPS of the planting site so in the long term you'll be able to view the trees on Google Earth, like these cashews we planted before.

If you don't want to be bothered selling your surplus gear and are happy to send it to us, we'll do our best to sell it for you. Go to 'Sell for Me'.

Or, if you just want to make a donation to plant trees, that's fine by us    . If you're able to sell stuff or make a gift worth £10 (€12,$13) or more, we officially love you as then you'll be planting at least 50 trees, so we'll anoint you as a 'Climate Star' and add you to our Stars Page.

If you're now asking yourself, 'How do I personally benefit from this?', just come back in a couple of years and see if you feel any different. If you've got any better questions go to our FAQ's to get them answered.