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Wood heals the atmosphere

How does it work?

Clear out some junk,

turn it into this stuff,

& cool the place down

Its simple -

Our aim is to find a new home for that thing you don't need anymore. We want to extend its life, stop it going to landfill and sabotage the manufacture of yet another new product. Then we want to use the money raised to plant carbon-ravenous trees in Kenya. We've been running a community forestry project down there since 2008 and its getting pretty big. We now work with 3,000 subsistence farmers who plant on their own land and are currently putting in 1,000,000 trees every year. The economies of scale mean that we can plant a tree for 20p so if your gear sells for £1, the world gets 5 extra trees - if it sells for £20 that's 100 new trees you're planting and if it goes for £100 you'll be creating a 500-tree carbon-rich tropical forest!

There are 3 ways to use that surplus gear of yours to draw down some carbon from the sky:

Join our unique community on Facebook, sell your stuff there (and on Marketplace) then donate the funds you raise via the 'Plant Me Now' button on the Home page.

2. Send your items to us through the post, or if you live in West Wales, drop them off with us and we'll do the selling for you. Ask us for our postal address here with a brief description of what you'll be sending.

3. If you have something really special that'll convert to 1000 trees or more, we can often arrange to collect. Let us know what you're donating, what you think its worth and your general location or postcode and we'll get back to you like a homing pigeon.

Or, if you just want to make a donation to plant trees without selling anything, that's fine by us
- you can do it via the Home page

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