Sell for me


   Shop open now -  Lampeter, West Wales

Someone out there needs that old kettle you're not using any more and if we can get it to them (generally by using the connective power of social media) we can sabotage the manufacture of another new thing and avoid yet more damage to the natural world. So, if you don't want to be bothered with selling your old gear, no problem - we'll try and sell it for you. Mail us on the Contact tab, giving your name, location and a full description of what you have spare. If we think we can extend its useful life whilst raising a bit of cash to plant some carbon-hungry tropical trees, we'll give you our new shop address. If you live in West Wales or if you have a particularly valuable item, we might be able to pick up from you, otherwise it'll usually need to be sent or dropped off.

What kind of things do we take? We're not proud, our atmosphere is overloaded with CO2 so we'll sell just about anything to draw some down. Put it this way, if you don't want that Maserati any more, we'll happily convert it into a carbon-heavy forest for you.

You can see an example of some of the trees we planted earlier here:

Newly planted neem trees - satellite imagery