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Someone out there needs that old kettle you're not using any more and if we can get it to them (via social media or our new app - coming soon), we can sabotage the manufacture of another new thing, avoid yet more damage to the natural world and plant some extra carbon-ravenous trees in Kenya.

What kind of things do we take? Well our atmosphere is overloaded with CO2 so we'll try to sell just about anything to draw some down. Put it this way, if you don't want that Maserati any more, we'll happily convert it into a carbon-heavy forest for you. But seriously, it costs us all some added carbon to put things through the post so please don't send us stuff that'll be hard to sell.

We can't take: videos, grubby children's toys, broken or discoloured electrical gear, holey socks, ragged old books with mildew on the covers or that second-hand toothbrush of yours.

We can take: boxed complete toys, tidy bric-a-brac, newish books, clean clothes and shoes, working electrical items, dvd's, computer games, small antiques, tools and nice kitchenware.

If you're in any doubt, send us a message via the contact tab letting us know what you have and we'll get back pronto.

     Send your parcel here:

          Climate Shop,
          The Old Post Office,

We plant 10 trees for every parcel we receive. If you put a note with your name and email in with your donations, we'll let you know once your trees have been put in like these below, that we planted a while back

Newly planted neem trees - satellite imagery
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